STEFANI COTTRILL / Creative Direction + Design



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Woman, Artist, NYer, Fashionista, Traveler, Spaniard, Southerner, Lover, Cool Kid. View my visual slice of life and follow me on Instagram.

Bursting with creative energy since I was a child, art has always been a part of my life in some shape or form. From pottery to paper-making, cartooning to painting, photography to graphic design – I've done it all. With a BFA in Graphic Design, I came to New York to create innovative, conceptual interactive and film experiences within advertising. I quickly became known for my conceptual abilities, polished aesthetics and innovative thinking. I've built a reputation as a Creative Director, Art who delivers time and time – and time again. Interested in challenging myself, as well as others, I continually strive for the best.

Check out some more tidbits about me...

Nick Name / Tennessee
Zodiac Sign / Taurus
Personality / Thinker + Doer

Current Home / Brooklyn, NY
Future Home / Wherever the wind blows
Vacation Home / Russia, Spain, France, Colorado

Favorite Comic Book Character / Batman
Favorite Artist / Caravaggio
Favorite Quote / “A person without imagination is like a teabag without hot water.”

Guilty Pleasure / Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pet Peeve / Any use of Papyrus typeface
Actual Pets / Black + Tan Pomeranian, Black + White Border Collie

Listening To / Jazz + Pop
/ Running, Circuit Training, Kickboxing
Fun / Paddle-boarding, Snowboarding, Trapeze

Known To / Get expressions wrong + laugh a lot
Goal / Inspire the future