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I've had the opportunity to work with inspiring, great leaders and colleagues. Here are some awesome things they're saying about me, which I am humbled by and very much appreciate.


During my career I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, from all over the world. Here are some much appreciated and kind words from a few of them about our time together.

Stefani is a hard thinker and a hard worker. She knows there is always another idea, another way to creatively approach a problem. Stefani applies this attitude towards concepting big ideas as well as towards production-oriented issues. Being able to be nimble and pivot quickly during a project/production is essential. As a leader, Stefani is able to focus on accomplishing the goals at hand but also able to see past the “now” to the future. She approaches each task with confident grace, generous strength and clarity of vision.
— Jana Jarosz / VP Creative Director, Publicis

Very fun and bold creative... A Ringer!
— MATT ZUCKER / CCO, Ogilvy One

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Stefani is, hands down, one of the best... She is diligent, insanely talented, whip smart, super detail oriented and lovely all around. Her user experience insights and design skills are only outweighed by her conceptional chops and production oversight. If I were creating a dream team, she’d be my first call. Just as important—if I wanted to have a beer after work, she’d be my first call, too. I’d be lucky to work with her again, again and again.
— LORRIN O'NEILL / CD, Havas Worldwide

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Stefani is a creative collaborator. A true pro, she knows how to bring big ideas to the table, ideas that clients buy. Up against terrific odds, deadlines and pitch pressure, she never misses a beat. She’s wonderful to work with and adds vitality to the team. Stefani is the real deal.
— JOHN GANGE / ECD, Atmosphere BBDO

Stefani was such a great asset to our team and a pleasure to work with. We always felt confident that she would deliver fresh, creative solutions to any project we gave her. She’s also one of the most talented designers I’ve had the privilege of working with. Every piece she created was beautifully crafted from pure typographic treatments, to photography explorations, to pitch work, to client presentations - exquisite. She also brings a fun, positive attitude and a pretty wicked sense of style.
— ALISON TSOI / Partner & CD, Ogilvy & Mather NY
Stefani has the attitude and working style that adds dynamic to any group. Stefani can bring a fresh approach to anything from women’s products to pet shampoo and has a clear grasp on the integrated world the client expects to be exposed to. She is clever, easy going and smart and I was lucky to grab her in between projects to come and work with my group. Life is too short and Stefani is someone you want to know in this industry.
— SARA GALKIN / Creative Recruiter, BBDO

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Stefani handles everything with professionalism, a positive attitude and an unfailing passion and drive to produce creative that both the clients and agency can be proud of. Her visual design becomes more inventive with each project, and while she has always had an exceptionally strong eye for detail in both her art direction and in taking the lead, she has become a team member that I can rely on without fail. She partners well and cares deeply about her relationships with everyone on the team as well as our clients.
— DIDI FRAIOLI / SVP GCD, Publicis Worldwide

Standing in for talent is always fun.

Publicis / Nice Pixels

Stefani is a brilliant creative that delivers time and time again. She tackles every project, no matter the ask, with a beautiful blend of creativity, digital savvy and just plain passion for great.”
— KATHY DELANEY / CCO, SapientNitro

I had the pleasure of working with Stefani, who was called in to help out on Unilever’s biggest account - Pond’s. Beauty advertising is always tricky and complicated. With a smile on her face and a ‘can do’ attitude we had a lot of fun, as well as developing some really great work. She understood what the project needed and was quickly able to direct her creative thinking into the right direction. Thank you Stefani for a valuable experience.
— JAMES DANIELS / Regional ECD, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore

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